Hello There Again

I'm sorry that i never got back on to this whole thing but I would like to turn you guys over to another podcast under my works KAP Radio Podcast


 It's with Kris, so that'll be fun, so check it out, have fun, and I'll hear all you guys soon.





Summer is Almost Here!

So, it's been a long break, but I've been working up a playlist for everyone who will be listening in next week.  I would have put out an episode this week but finals are coming up this next week so the new episode will have to be post-poned until later.  I have even began recording a new song I wrote, but don't expect it's anything big, I've only recorded it on my laptop so the quality won't exactly be there.  But I hope anyone looking at this will check back next week for the comeback of the Lily Parker Podcast! :D



<3 lily


A short break from now.

Hey guys!  I really appreciate for all the support I've gotten from you  guys, really!  I have tons of hits and a few emails and I thank you guys.  But at the moment school is my top priority.  I know alot of people say that I real music lover, continues with their music no matter what.  And of course I'll keep on listening to new music and continuing with my own personal music.  But I cannot keep up this podcast for right now.  It'll be back though!  I promise!  As soon as school gets out, (in exactly 40 days) I'll pick this all back up again like before.  As a little treat, I'll kick it off with a roadtrip podcast, because no summer vacation is complete with out a road trip!  And it'll be continous so no interupptions and ramblings from me! In the past few episodes, I hope I have turned you guys towards a new type of listening genre, your own.  See you guys soon.


<3 lily


Happy Vernal Equinox!

Hey guys!  As promised I have a new podcast out, full of nice relaxing songs.  I also have some information on the bands I'm playing so I hope you guys can get into the music as much as I do.  I also want to say my podcast can be found in the iTunes store now!  YaY!  And now the line up:


1. Seasons- Julie Sokolow

2. Dreamaniacs- Bettie Serveert

3. Sun- Sugarplum Fairies

4. The Comeback- The Shout Out Louds

5. Uprising Down Under- Sam Roberts

6. Trying to Sneeze- Ben Lee

7. Sunday Morning- K-Os



hope you guys like it! and be sure to check in next week!


The First Episode is out!

hello to all those checking this podcast out!  Thats right!  I finally got my first episode out.  I had some trouble with my file formats before, but i got it all figured out and I will hopefully be giving you guys another episode NEXT weekend.  But for now I'll talk about this episode, or the playlist that is.

 1. Cheap Like Sebastian- Apostle of Hustle

2. Bluest Glass Eye Sea- Oranger

3. Freetime- Caledonia

4. I'm One of Those Girls- Born Ruffians

5. Kids at School- Vancougar

6. Lazy Eye- Silversun Pickups

7. Choke- Summer Lawns

8. Tame Thoughts- Warm in the Wake


see ya next week!


The Premeir!

Okay so This would e the first time for me to be creating any sort of podcast radio thing so give me some patience!  I'm still trying to figure out how I can convert my .mpeg files into something Podbean supports so I probably won't be getting a podcast out for awhile.  Sorry.  But I have started to make a list of songs I want on my podcast so as soon as I can I'll get it out!


see ya!

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