A short break from now.

Hey guys!  I really appreciate for all the support I've gotten from you  guys, really!  I have tons of hits and a few emails and I thank you guys.  But at the moment school is my top priority.  I know alot of people say that I real music lover, continues with their music no matter what.  And of course I'll keep on listening to new music and continuing with my own personal music.  But I cannot keep up this podcast for right now.  It'll be back though!  I promise!  As soon as school gets out, (in exactly 40 days) I'll pick this all back up again like before.  As a little treat, I'll kick it off with a roadtrip podcast, because no summer vacation is complete with out a road trip!  And it'll be continous so no interupptions and ramblings from me! In the past few episodes, I hope I have turned you guys towards a new type of listening genre, your own.  See you guys soon.


<3 lily

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